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Risk Management, Root Cause Analysis and Process Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analysis  

Often misunderstood, poorly implemented or just overlooked in business management systems is the need for robust Risk Management. Together with Process FMECA, TNY can assist your  organisation with establishing simple to use methods for developing effective preventive measures for process. In addition, TNY provides staff development in Staff development using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & problem solving techniques to assist you on your improvement journey.

Key Benefits

  • Risk Management and Process FMECA when used properly define foreseeable risks,  prioritise attention to key process input variables that have the most probable impact on the desired and undesired outcomes.
  • Initiated because of a specific problem, PFMEA can be used in applications addressing subsequent changes in the system or process
  • Root cause analysis efforts often fail due to the inability to distinguish clearly between apparent and root causes. Symptoms are not the cause but are manifestations of the effect. Staff development using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & problem solving techniques treat this problem.


TNY Director Craig Ottaway has been using process RCA and FME(C)A techniques in his roles with defence, health, manufacturing and automotive since 1990. the process of identifying and addressing potential failures in process is far more time and cost effective  than correcting problems once they have occurred.

Capability 1
Process-FMEAs ideally should be conducted prior to starting up a new process, but are conducted on existing processes as well therefore process FMEAs uncover potential failures that can impact and cause customer dissatisfaction. 
Capability 2
Development of frameworks
Capability 3
Provide training and support in approach


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